Cheerio 2022, hello 2023

2022 brought many things for me, end of one job, completion of a degree, beginning of an honour's degree and finally, the beginning of a new job! Lot of blood, sweat and tears involved (not necessarily in that order) and I'm sure there are plenty adventures ahead in these next 12 months.

I hope you like the wee selection of portraits (plants and critters) taken recently at Calderglen Zoo :)

Whatever YOU get up to, I wish you a happy and healthy one, all the best!

Cindy x

They are on their way.... 2022 calendars!

Nothing like leaving it to the last minute....but better late than never, 2022 calendars are finally on their way!

Available soon to purchase, watch this space :)

Will they won't they...

Hello! I hope you're safe and well!!

Well, it's been a total stinker of a year hasn't it? Nothing has been normal, everything upside down, but we find ourselves at the end of the year about to launch into 2021! Some of you might still like a calendar on the wall to keep a track of days (seeing as they're all merging into one at the moment)... At this time of year, I'm usually in a panic trying to get things ready for the start of the Xmas fairs, this year however, there aren't many of them around! I was unsure whether my usual calendars would be making an apprearance, for the first time since I've been doing them, BUT after a bit of thinking, I have decided to go ahead, even though I won't have any fairs, so everything will be online or done locally.... The EK one is currently in production, Glasgow a wee bit further behind, but keep your eyes peeled for updates in the coming days - either here on or facebbook...


Thanks you for your continued support, means a lot xxx

New Day, New Year, New Decade!

This year seems to have flown by faster than most! I wish you and yours all the best for the next 12 months to come! I hope it's your best decade yet...!

Rutherglen Town Hall Xmas Market

It's that time of year again and on Sat 30th November, me and my merry photo goodies will be at the Rutherglen Town Hall Xmas market, supplying you with your festive photo pressies for those who already have It's a lovely INDOOR venue, with plenty selection of gifts available. I will be stocked up with the 2020 Glasgow's Nooks & Crannies calendars, with cards, prints and other merchandise to go with them! I hope to see you there... :)

EK Stall at the Xmas market in the Village

Xmas Fair season officially kicks off for me today at the EK Village Xmas Market on Hunter Street!

I'll have a stall full of photographic goodies and even some chocolate coins thrown in (if you're quick enough)!

2020 East Kilbride and Glasgow calendars are hot off the press and available for purchase along with lots of cards, prints and other goodies.

Market kicks off at 12 and rund till 5, hope to see you there... :)

A Day in the life of an owner of a Small-holding...

The Lint Mill 

Earlier in the year, a friend and I took a wee trip over to the countryside for an expert insight into the real-life workings of a Smallholding. Our venue was The Lint Mill, based at the edge of the North Medwyn River in South Lanarkshire, (roughly halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh) and we were taking part in their 'Beginner's Guide to Organic Smallholding' course.

The course is run by owners, Deborah and Colin, who were very welcoming and knowledgeable and provided a brilliant insight in that world - which I previously knew very little about. As a vegetarian, I struggled a bit with the thought of eating the animals but think if you're going to eat meat, that's the way to do it as everything is ethically produced and you know exactly where it came from!! For me, the course was for an opportunity to find out more about that type of lifestyle, I'm not sure if it would be the right route for me, but if you are somebody seriously considering going down this route, Deborah and Colin are the people to contact!

A beautifully produced lunch, made by Colin, was part of our day (with many of the ingredients grown on the farm) and our hosts' hospitality was brilliant. They have a special interest in rearing several rare-breeds livestock, which was interesting to see and we were given the opportunity to milk one of the goats (I failed miserably - it's harder than it looks)! The smallholding houses a vast array of animals, from Soay sheep to British Saddleback pigs - not forgetting their 'horny' rescue peacock Mayur! (Who takes a dislike to black, shiny cars, thinking they are a rival peacock!) 

The location was beautiful, hospitality extremely welcoming and generally, a great experience all round.

You can find them online at 

 01555 840042 

"The Lint Mill offers 4 star gold B&B on a delightful, traditional organic smallholding farm located between Edinburgh & Glasgow in the rolling countryside of Scotland’s Southern Uplands. We aim to be self-sufficient, eco-friendly & sustainable. We are certified organic with the Soil Association and we have a Green Tourism Gold Award."

"A “foodie paradise” The Times October 2018"

Battlin on...

Hello!! SO! We've made it through January, congratulations :) Don't know about you, but January is not exactly my favourite month, however, this year we welcomed a new four-legged-member into the family, so that was better than Xmas! :) Having been on the look out for a rescue pooch for quite some time, but never finding a suitable candidate, I was referred to a Scottish/Spanish rescue site on facebook and that is where I first saw the new four-legged-love of my life! After a long treck over from Spain with the wonderful rescue people, along with several other dogs soon to be re-homed in Scotland, this little lady arrived at my doorstep! Joy and total chaos wrapped up in one wee hyper bundle, magic! I cannot recommend adopting animals enough! There seems to be an endless flow of furry n feathered creatures all on the look out for someone to love them, so by adopting rather than buying, you are saving a beautiful wee life, and in return, they kinda save you somewhat too :)  

Now January is out the way, Feb is proving to be a grey n dreary affair, but hopefully it won't be too long before Spring properly takes hold and the slushy stuff b***ers off till next year... :) We did have some spectacular skies and the appearance of the blood moon (which I royally screwed up and didn't manage to get a good shot in its full glory - instead capturing the moon a few days later in it's usual white attire...) so there's been plenty to look at. Going by the weather across the Atlantic, I'm guessing there's probably another dollop of the white stuff to drop once again, but I think Scotland looks beautiful in the snow, so not all bad. Hope you're having a good February whatever you're up to...

Cindy-Lou :)


Main image: Wild, wintry skies, EK Show Park

other images: Gorgeous rescue pup #adoptDontShop

"Moon twigs" "Snow boots" "Moochin pigeons" 

New year, new beginnings...

Santa's been and gone and January has snuck up on us all!! Always a time to reflect on what's happened and consider what could be in store in the following few months... 2018 has been a mixture of major change, new adventures and letting go of what was my past life and embracing a completely different one... Highs and lows, same as everybody else. One big high was having my first solo photography exhibition for quite a few years! Really chuffed to have had the opportunity to do this and I've met some cracking people along the way. 

It hasn't been an easy year for many of the people close to me, but I've been in awe of how they have battled through their hurdles and come out the other side! My friends are amazing humans!

I was lucky enough to do a fair bit of travelling, finishing with a wee trip to one of my 'must see' countries, Finland.! It was every bit as beautiful and COLD as I had imagined! :) 

This year I would like to find my 'niche', but on the way I'd like to do something to help our poor war-torn planet. I know people go on about the state of it a lot but there's a reason why, we are destroying everything important and we really need to sort that out!!It's all about the plants!!  I've always had a love of plants, but I've had the pleasure of studying them in more detail over the last few months and have become completely fascinated by them, without plants, we wouldn't exist, it's that simple! :) Expect more plant-related images over the next year.... :)

Thank you for your interest in my work this year! Here's to a HAPPY AND HEALTHY one for everybody in 2019!!

All the best,

Cindy-Lou :) xxx

Fair dates n places

As my lovely long-faced friend says....

Cindy-Lou Ramsay Photography stall will be at the East Kilbride Plaza (next to M&S and WH Smith) this weekend - 1st, 2nd December 9-6 pm! It's your chance to purchase the 2019 East Kilbride "Polo Mint City" & "Glasgow's Nooks & Crannies" calendar! Along with many different Xmas cards and framed prints, key rings, tote bags, all made and generally photographed locally! 


Sat 8th December the stall will be at the brand new Calderglen Xmas fair! Followed by the Plaza again, for the last time this year on Sat 15th and Sun 16th December... :)

I read a post recently about local artists/crafters/businesses doing a 'happy dance' every time someone buys one of their products, well I can confirm that is indeed very true! I put a teeny wee piece of me into everything I make, it comes from the heart, so when someone likes my work enough to want to give it to a loved one, or hang it on their wall, it means a lot & I do a happy dance too! 


EK Plaza 1st, 2nd Dec 9-6

Calderglen Country Park Xmas fair at the Visitor center courtyard Sat 8th December 10-4pm

EK Plaza 15th & 16th December



*Made local, shop local *

Colours in the Glen...

Calderglen Country Park, East Kilbride, still one of my favourite places and somewhere I've been visiting since I was really wee! It's looking pretty spectacular at the moment with all its Autumn colours. Well worth a visit to clear the cobwebs :) 

Santa and stalls!

Fair season is upon us and it kicks off this weekend, Sunday 18th November 2018 with the East Kilbride annual Xmas market and Lights switch on! The streets are shut off to accommodate the market stalls full of goodies and the festive live stage performances. This all takes place in Hunter Street/Montgomery Street in the Village. Market starts at 12noon, and finishes around 5pm.

Perfect chance to buy some locally made Photographic goodies for friends and family. Many prints, cards and East Kilbride's 2019 Calendars will be among the goodies available! Vouchers for Pet Portraits and artwork on natural slate - maybe for the perfon who has everything...

Hope to see you there!



Reason why I travel... No. 1

A lot of folk will go on holiday and post a lot of pictures of cocktails, beaches and bikinis........ me, I prefer pictures of Spider Monkeys on my balcony! :)


Reasons to travel:

No. 1 wildlife


This was in Mexico, near Playa Del Carmen, where there are a lot of wild Spider Monkeys. It was a total privilege to see these gorgeous creatures in the wild, particularly in the knowledge that they sadly fall under the 'Endangered' bracket. There are several reasons for this but once again, humans are major contributors by destroying more of their natural habitats. Spider Monkeys also have quite a long gestation period and are said to only produce young once every 3-4 years. There are highly intelligent creatures, and total experts at climbing through the forests, with the help of their prehensile tail - why have 4 limbs when you can have 5! They don't have thumbs on their hands, but use their long 4 fingers as 'claws', instead, their thumbs are on their feet. They are absolutely brilliant to watch! I'm not really a huge fan of monkeys but these gorgeous souls stole my heart! 

Vision of beauty

I've been away on my travels again recently, to a place absolutely hoaching with wildlife, Mexico! Monkeys, exotic birds, huge reptiles... then I came across a bird not one which was originally native to Mexico and one I haven't seen in a long time and it took my breath away! I don't know when we got so complacent about peafowl, but they really are absolute works of art and deserve to be shown off, so that's what I'd like to do now! The peahens are gorgeous too, but this peacock reminded me just how spectacular these boys really are, every inch is a fantastic glorious piece of colourful decoration! 

Originally from Asia, they can live up to around 25 years of age in the wild and are one of the largest flying birds in the world. The "all seeing eyes", feather decorations within their tail symbolizes a sacred emblem in some cultures. They are also said to represent Royalty, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, Watchfulness and Vision. But all that aside, they are truly spectacularly colourful and fascinating to watch particularly when they're doing their "how about it doll" feather dance! :D  



Wild Peacock at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


"Looking Up! & Moving On..."

All good things come to an end, and tomorrow is the last day of "Looking Up!" (My photo exhibition at Hunter House.)

So, one last chance to catch a glimpse of the 54 images (minus the ones now in new homes 😍) which have been decorating the walls of H.H. over the last few weeks...

Thank you to everybody who has supported me - sandwich makers/flower-bringers/photo-buyers/cafe-visitors/article-writers/hug-suppliers.... 😍😍😍
Cheers Hunter House, it has been a pleasure! Till next time.

In the (EK) News!


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist from the local newspaper inquiring about my current exhibition..... She was looking for details about it along with some images and this week, it appeared as a 2-page centre spread in the East Kilbride News! I'm delighted! It's lovely for my images to appear in my local paper, and I'm hoping it might inspire others to pay more attention to our gorgeous wildlife... I'm proud of my wee town, it has its good and bad points like everywhere else, but I think we are so lucky to have gorgeous spaces like Calderglen and the Heritage Park, complete with such an abundance of wildlife literally right on our doorstep. My dad was the person who introduced me to the beauty of birds when I was really wee. He planted the 'seed' and it's stayed with me ever since - it's continued to grow bigger each year! Sadly he is no longer with us but I always feel closer to him when I'm around nature...

My exhibition is still running along at the Hunter House Coffee Shop, (9-4 Mon-Sat) so please feel free to drop by and have a wee look at my images..... I hope you like them :) 

"Looking Up..." Photography Exhibition, Hunter House Coffee Shop 29th Aug-12th October

I am chuffed to announce that my new exhibition, "Looking Up..." will start in just a few days time! The venue, Hunter House Coffee Shop, the time, 9-4 Mon-Sat (closed Sunday) the run 29th August till 12th October!

It is my first exhibition in several years and I'm excited to have my images up on display for the world to see. It's always a risk, my photography is how I express myself and can be very personal to me, so it can be quite an imposing thought putting a tiny bit of you on show, but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

The venue itself is quite special. Once the birth place of the Hunter brothers, pioneers in the surgical world, it's now run as a gorgeous, busy wee cafe - with plenty of history stored within its walls...

'Look up' is advice I always give in my Glasgow calendars, as if you didn't, you would miss many of Glasgow's amazing gems. This exhibition has the same theme, "Looking Up...". It's always about the details for me, it may be a subject/scene you've walked by a million times before, but unless you've taken the time to really LOOK, you probably haven't actually seen it properly. Hopefully you will make it along to Hunter House to do just that.

Maybe I'll see you there... :)  

Download My Art Flyer Hunter House Coffee Shop 29th Aug-12th October 2018

"Gone With the Wind"

May has arrived in the Polo Mint City, (East Kilbride) along with the swallows and Sand Martins (who have been around for several weeks now), which usually signifies the beginning of summer... However, in a typical Scottish weather-style, we had that one  gorgeous day back in April, and since then, the hint of summer appears to have "Gone With The Wind" and torrential hailstones!!

Luckily, it hasn't stopped the birds taking part in their annual hormonal-fueled-mating-malarkey and there has been some brilliant bird-watching activity going on, particularly down at the Stewartfield Loch! Along with the usual Grey lag geese, beautiful swan pair and resident ducks, coots and Moor Hens, there is a pair  of gorgeous Little Grebes down in the loch's Nature Reserve which are great to watch - diving and flitting around. Black Caps have also made an appearance down in that part of the park and the frogs and toads have been busy making their 'deposits'! I also noticed, for the first time that the loch is absolutely heaving with wee fish!! (Maybe I'm the last person to notice this, I don't know)! I've no idea whether humans were responsible for their introduction or if our feathered friends played a helping hand (with eggs stuck to their legs), but I think it's a great thing and proof that our wildlife is thriving. My favourite big birds (resident Mute Swan pair) are currently busy producing their latest family, she's been on her nest for about a month now, so I'm looking forward to see the new youngsters when her eggs hatch. 

I had the unexpected 'privilege' of witnessing some Greylag 'romance' recently, including a glimpse of more gander anatomy than necessary... No flowers and dinner, more 'near drowning' and victory dance, but quite fascinating none-the-less!!?! The whole thing was captured on camera, however, I thought it was maybe best just to post a shot of the 'victory dance' for your viewing pleasure and leave the rest to your imagination! :)

It really is pretty amazing to have such an abundance of wildlife right on our doorstep! Well done Mother Nature!!!  

"When snowed in...." Glasgow Green

So, when the whole country seems to have ground to a halt and cabin-fever starts to set in, what's a girl to do......? Get dressed up like "Nanook of the North" and take some photies of course!! :D
Weegie-land was looking quite splendid today :) And I was chuffed to see somebody had been busy making some snowmen down at Glasgow Green :)

Mystical, Colourful, Gardens

If you happened to wander round the Botanic Gardens over the last week or so you may have had a very colourful surprise! They have been transformed into "Mystical Gardens", complete with spectacular light displays, story-tellers and fire-eaters taking up resident for just a short while to entertain and delight the public. Being one of those "hard-to-please-people", I would have liked to have seen it on a much larger scale, (and possibly with actual unicorns) however, it was a pleasant wee wander and good fun taking pictures of all the shapes, 'n' colours, so I'm glad I went along :)



"Mystical Gardens", Glasgow Botanic Garden, Feb 2018   

"Glasgow's miles Better"


When was the last time you had a wander round Glasgow and actually properly LOOKED at the bricks 'n' mortar, be honest? It really is pretty damn amazing, especially when you LOOK UP!!! People (me included) say that about Glasgow all the time, because it's true!!

It's so easy to take our city for granted and not properly take a look at it, but it really is a special city. There can be far too much rubbish kicking about, (lazy humans - particular bug-bear for me) the same as most big cities, but if you look past that and take your eyes sky-wards, there's a whole other world up there! I've done many 'touristy things' when I've been away travelling and you can sometimes forget to take a good look at your own country/city, but I can highly recommend being a tourist in your own town, particularly when your own town (city) is Glasgow.  

Go on, give it a go!! :)


"Past 'n' Present", taken on the corner of Wellington Street and Waterloo Street, Glasgow.

Awaiting another white-out...

Hello! Nearly the end of January and I don't know about you, but I'm still keen for another batch of the white stuff!! (Snow!!) The wee dollop we had a few weeks ago was great while it lasted, but it seemed to disappear far too quickly, and apart from a few new EK shots, I was too busy digging myself out my own street to really make the most of the gorgeously frosty scenery! I did however, manage to build the first snowman I'd made in over 20 years, and as other folk watched my efforts, another 4 of them popped up so I was quite chuffed with that! 'Mon the snowmen!! :)

New Year

Thank you to everybody who has supported me and my photography in 2017. I've made some new friends, new clients, new stockists, new memories and many, many new photographs over the last 12 months and it has been great sharing them with you all!

I wish you much love, luck and good health for the following year, I hope it proves to be a great one for you!

Cindy-Lou xxx

**Cut-off Date for Xmas orders**

Hello lovely people! Apologies for the late reminder, but the cut-off date for Xmas orders is December 13th! Any orders placed after this date might not arrive before the big guy in the red suit does his rounds! So don't delay! :)

Night on the Town

It was a different Friday night in Glasgow last weekend as hidden in the lanes surrounding the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall were the artists and performers from Mischief-La-Bas with their show 'Nursery Crymes'. Audiences were treated to all-encompassing performances featuring sound works, installations, projections, films and stories based on their take on the darker themes of childhood nursery rhymes. The show began in the lanes next to King Street, working its way into the Panopticon itself for some on stage entertainment before concluding back outside in the lane for the "F****d up Fairground" where the audience is invited to take some pot-shots at various targets...the Establishment and Capitalism for starters! A 'night on the town' with a difference!

"Nursery Crymes" by Michief La Bas, Glasgow

It's XMAS!! (almost....!!)

Amazingly, Santa will once again be making his rounds soon, as will Cindy-Lou Ramsay Photography on the Xmas craft-fair world! This year, there will be Cindy-Lou stalls at the following fairs....

  • 3rd November 730pm - 930pm Kelvindale Primary School Fair
  • Sunday 19th November, East Kilbride Village, Hunter St/Montgomery St 12-5
  • Saturday 25th November Xmas Craft Fair at the Rutherglen Town Hall 10am-4pm :)

  • Sat 2nd December - Craigholme School fair 1pm - 430pm


This weekend (Aug 25th-27th) Strathaven played host to the annual Balloon Festival and I decided to drag myself out of bed at the daft time of 0630am to head over for some pix! Not my favourite time of the morning, but glad I made it as there were some good sights to capture and with the added bonus of not many people so no big crowds to fight through, result! :)

Hessilhead Hedgehog care workshop

Today I had the privilege of having some hands-on experience with wild hedgehogs currently in care at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre in Beith, Ayrshire. We were taught all about how to look after sick/abandoned young hedgehogs. It was one of the courses run by Hessilhead to educate the general public about the wonderful creatures living close to us. The charity have been looking after sick wildlife for over 25 years and have hundreds of patients in their care at any one time. Brilliant charity, brilliant experience, can't recommend them enough :)  

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and thank you to everybody who has supported me over the last 12months!

Many events have taken place over the last year, both good and not so good. It was sad to see Gracies on the Loch close a few weeks ago, having provided the people of EK a gorgeous wee place to sit in and eat, and a place which brought me a lot of comfort and support over the last few years, of which I will be eternally grateful.


I've been lucky enough to go on several adventures, with many, many photos to treasure (most of which I still haven't had the chance to go through yet). It's one of the reasons I love photography so much, each image is a memory and piece of history rolled into one. I hope to go on many more in 2017.


Near the start of the year Waterstones in East Kilbride asked me if I would display some of my work in their new café, which I was chuffed to do! In doing so, customers have had the chance to view images of local scenes whilst having a coffee and a blether and I have had the opportunity to showcase my work to a whole new audience!


As usual, I produced my long-running 'Glasgow's Nooks & Crannies' calendars, along with my hometown's 'Polo mint City (East Kilbride) calendar. I think this year has been my best work so far, and I've been really chuffed with the response from everybody who's bought my work, visited my website or dropped by my stall at the Xmas fairs! Glad to know you still enjoy my photography :)

Towards the end of the year, I was delighted to announce a brand new stockist. Chimes gift shop on Montgomery Street in the Village (East Kilbride) now stock both of my calendars! It's great to add to the 'family' and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with them over the coming year.

The last piece of news was the addition of my brand new homemade Gaelic greetings cards. It's something I've considered for a wee while, but 2016 was the year I finally got round to making them. The response has been great from my Gaelic friend friends and colleagues so I aim to continue with this line from now on.


Photography is important to me, it's an addiction, a passion, it's both a therapy and recreation!  It's a way of expressing myself. Without it I would still be me, but a very different version of me. Life would be much more dull without it, the fact that others enjoy my photographs too just makes it even more fantastic. Thank you for appreciating what I do and continuing to support my work and projects. I promise to provide you with many more images and wee snippets of memories on film throughout 2017.


All the best to you 'n' yours,


Cindy-Lou :) xxx 




Current list of Stockists of Cindy-Lou merchandise

Cindy-Lou merchandise is currently available at the following retailers:

Waterstones - (cards  and East Kilbride calendars)

The Plaza East Kilbride, G74 1LW


East Kilbride Artscentre - (East Kilbride calendars and EK photo cards)
51 Old Coach Rd, East Kilbride, G74 4DU

Shop now up 'n' running... :)

The online shop is now open for business in time for anybody who would like some unique cards and gifts for their nearest n dearest :)

Thank you

I recently ordered a new batch of prints, but when the order arrived, half a dozen prints were missing! Very frustrating as they were for someone, however these things happen. The prints were eventually re-printed and sent out several days later but the mystery of the 'missing prints' remained. Meanwhile, across the water in Northern Ireland a lovely man called Bill Abernethy had just settled down with his newly ordered prints, about to start getting them mounted up when he discovered a package of 6 mysterious prints which didn't belong to him. Bill carried out some detective work, tracked me down and a few days later re-united me with my long-lost prints!  Mystery solved and good deed done from across the water! Bill, you are a gentleman, thank you very much! :)

EK Xmas Fair, Cindy-Lou's stall and Santa!

It's that time of year again!! Sunday 20th November brings the East Kilbride Xmas fair to Montgomery Street in the Village!! Come along to peruse the festive and local goodies to be found at the Cindy-Lou Photography stall!! Calendars, cards, prints, canvases, key rings, magnets and all sorts of other photographic goodies photographed and made in East Kilbride!


The fair is free for everybody and kicks off from 1230 and ends just after the lights switch on at 5. Hope to see you there!! :)

New 2017 Glasgow calendars now ready!!

 Good news!!

After a longer-than-planned production time, the 2017 Glasgow calendars are now hot off the press (literally) and available to purchase from the shop page!! They feature many of Glasgow's wee hidden gems alongside some more well-known Glasgow sights printed in a mixture of colour and black & white/sepia toned images. The calendars are all photographed by Cindy-Lou and are printed exclusively in East Kilbride (at CA Media Print).  As ever, a whole lot of 'blood, sweat & tears' (mostly the latter) went into the production of the calendars and show the city off as the fantastic feat of architectural wonderment Glasgow really is!

As usual, 10% of proceeds go directly to the Lanarkshire & Glasgow South Parkinson's Group who provide a lifeline for Parkinson's patients and their families, and Cindy dedicates her calendars to her wee dad Louis (who was a Parkinson's patient himself). All LGS donations are gratefully received, thank you in advance for your support.


made in

New 2017 East Kilbride calendars now ready!!

Good news!!

The 2017 East Kilbride calendars are now hot off the press (literally) and available to purchase from the shop page!!

And there's even better news... from now till the end of the month, you can claim the "Early Bird Rate" of a whopping 25% off the usual rate, wey hey!! (currently £6 instead of the usual £8)

You can expect lots of images of open spaces, quirky details and of course, wonderful wildlife, all making East Kilbride look beautiful. Check it out through the shop section now, enjoy!! :)

Calendars in the making...


As well as slowly taking steps to improve the website, I'm also currently working on next year's calendars. It's always quite a slow process but things are definitely moving in the right direction so it shouldn't take too much longer! Watch this space...


Cindy-Lou x

 July 2016

(Image is taken from a previous East Kilbride calendar, taken at Maxwellton Avenue East Kilbride.)

Spring TIme

Spring is one of my favourite seasons purely because of the wildlife (birds in particular)! I think we're really honoured to be able to watch the whole 'circle of life' happen right on our doorstep! Fascinating, mesmorising, beautiful, wonderful creatures

Happy Mother's Day 2016


Not that we need a special day to celebrate the special women who brought us into this world, but there's an official one already in place exactly for that occasion anyway!

Mother's Day in the UK is on Sunday 6th of March, and I have made some new special cards for you to show your special lady how much she's appreciated.

They have a wee bit of sparkle added too :)

Waterstones Photo exhibition

It's a tradition for Spring to be a time of cleaning and this year is no exception for Waterstones in East Kilbride! They have opened up their brand new cafe and I'm chuffed to announce that a selection of my framed prints will be proudly on display! So if you're heading down there for a coffee and a wee browse, you can also have a nosey at some of my images and see what you think. As the year goes on, new images will take their place so if you have any favourites, plase get in touch and those could be the next selection up on displa!

This weekend is their official opening and as an added bonus, they will also be joined by 3 special Crime Writing authors. Have a look at their website for more details!

St Andrews Day

Happy St Andrews Day to all my fellow Scots and friends round the planet! Proud to be Scottish <3