New year, new beginnings...

Santa's been and gone and January has snuck up on us all!! Always a time to reflect on what's happened and consider what could be in store in the following few months... 2018 has been a mixture of major change, new adventures and letting go of what was my past life and embracing a completely different one... Highs and lows, same as everybody else. One big high was having my first solo photography exhibition for quite a few years! Really chuffed to have had the opportunity to do this and I've met some cracking people along the way. 

It hasn't been an easy year for many of the people close to me, but I've been in awe of how they have battled through their hurdles and come out the other side! My friends are amazing humans!

I was lucky enough to do a fair bit of travelling, finishing with a wee trip to one of my 'must see' countries, Finland.! It was every bit as beautiful and COLD as I had imagined! :) 

This year I would like to find my 'niche', but on the way I'd like to do something to help our poor war-torn planet. I know people go on about the state of it a lot but there's a reason why, we are destroying everything important and we really need to sort that out!!It's all about the plants!!  I've always had a love of plants, but I've had the pleasure of studying them in more detail over the last few months and have become completely fascinated by them, without plants, we wouldn't exist, it's that simple! :) Expect more plant-related images over the next year.... :)

Thank you for your interest in my work this year! Here's to a HAPPY AND HEALTHY one for everybody in 2019!!

All the best,

Cindy-Lou :) xxx

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