"Glasgow's miles Better"


When was the last time you had a wander round Glasgow and actually properly LOOKED at the bricks 'n' mortar, be honest? It really is pretty damn amazing, especially when you LOOK UP!!! People (me included) say that about Glasgow all the time, because it's true!!

It's so easy to take our city for granted and not properly take a look at it, but it really is a special city. There can be far too much rubbish kicking about, (lazy humans - particular bug-bear for me) the same as most big cities, but if you look past that and take your eyes sky-wards, there's a whole other world up there! I've done many 'touristy things' when I've been away travelling and you can sometimes forget to take a good look at your own country/city, but I can highly recommend being a tourist in your own town, particularly when your own town (city) is Glasgow.  

Go on, give it a go!! :)


"Past 'n' Present", taken on the corner of Wellington Street and Waterloo Street, Glasgow.

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