"Looking Up..." Photography Exhibition, Hunter House Coffee Shop 29th Aug-12th October

I am chuffed to announce that my new exhibition, "Looking Up..." will start in just a few days time! The venue, Hunter House Coffee Shop, the time, 9-4 Mon-Sat (closed Sunday) the run 29th August till 12th October!

It is my first exhibition in several years and I'm excited to have my images up on display for the world to see. It's always a risk, my photography is how I express myself and can be very personal to me, so it can be quite an imposing thought putting a tiny bit of you on show, but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

The venue itself is quite special. Once the birth place of the Hunter brothers, pioneers in the surgical world, it's now run as a gorgeous, busy wee cafe - with plenty of history stored within its walls...

'Look up' is advice I always give in my Glasgow calendars, as if you didn't, you would miss many of Glasgow's amazing gems. This exhibition has the same theme, "Looking Up...". It's always about the details for me, it may be a subject/scene you've walked by a million times before, but unless you've taken the time to really LOOK, you probably haven't actually seen it properly. Hopefully you will make it along to Hunter House to do just that.

Maybe I'll see you there... :)  

Download My Art Flyer Hunter House Coffee Shop 29th Aug-12th October 2018

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