Reason why I travel... No. 1

A lot of folk will go on holiday and post a lot of pictures of cocktails, beaches and bikinis........ me, I prefer pictures of Spider Monkeys on my balcony! :)


Reasons to travel:

No. 1 wildlife


This was in Mexico, near Playa Del Carmen, where there are a lot of wild Spider Monkeys. It was a total privilege to see these gorgeous creatures in the wild, particularly in the knowledge that they sadly fall under the 'Endangered' bracket. There are several reasons for this but once again, humans are major contributors by destroying more of their natural habitats. Spider Monkeys also have quite a long gestation period and are said to only produce young once every 3-4 years. There are highly intelligent creatures, and total experts at climbing through the forests, with the help of their prehensile tail - why have 4 limbs when you can have 5! They don't have thumbs on their hands, but use their long 4 fingers as 'claws', instead, their thumbs are on their feet. They are absolutely brilliant to watch! I'm not really a huge fan of monkeys but these gorgeous souls stole my heart! 

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