"Gone With the Wind"

May has arrived in the Polo Mint City, (East Kilbride) along with the swallows and Sand Martins (who have been around for several weeks now), which usually signifies the beginning of summer... However, in a typical Scottish weather-style, we had that one  gorgeous day back in April, and since then, the hint of summer appears to have "Gone With The Wind" and torrential hailstones!!

Luckily, it hasn't stopped the birds taking part in their annual hormonal-fueled-mating-malarkey and there has been some brilliant bird-watching activity going on, particularly down at the Stewartfield Loch! Along with the usual Grey lag geese, beautiful swan pair and resident ducks, coots and Moor Hens, there is a pair  of gorgeous Little Grebes down in the loch's Nature Reserve which are great to watch - diving and flitting around. Black Caps have also made an appearance down in that part of the park and the frogs and toads have been busy making their 'deposits'! I also noticed, for the first time that the loch is absolutely heaving with wee fish!! (Maybe I'm the last person to notice this, I don't know)! I've no idea whether humans were responsible for their introduction or if our feathered friends played a helping hand (with eggs stuck to their legs), but I think it's a great thing and proof that our wildlife is thriving. My favourite big birds (resident Mute Swan pair) are currently busy producing their latest family, she's been on her nest for about a month now, so I'm looking forward to see the new youngsters when her eggs hatch. 

I had the unexpected 'privilege' of witnessing some Greylag 'romance' recently, including a glimpse of more gander anatomy than necessary... No flowers and dinner, more 'near drowning' and victory dance, but quite fascinating none-the-less!!?! The whole thing was captured on camera, however, I thought it was maybe best just to post a shot of the 'victory dance' for your viewing pleasure and leave the rest to your imagination! :)

It really is pretty amazing to have such an abundance of wildlife right on our doorstep! Well done Mother Nature!!!  

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