About Cindy-Lou Ramsay

Cindy- Lou Ramsay, a creative, award-winning Photographer, experienced broadcast television Camera Operator and Camera Trainer, with a good eye for detail, a passion for pictures and an ability to capture ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Welcome to her site!


About Cindy:


 (Short version...)

"I am a Photographer, occasional Film Maker, Wildlife fanatic, (particularly birds) plant-lover and Globe-trotter! I live in East Kilbride, a town a few miles south of Glasgow in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

I like to photograph details, the spaces around me, birds, plants, people, dogs, all things furry/feathered/scaled..... I like to document the places I've been to, as well as the places nearer home, and compile the pictures into calendars of Glasgow and East Kilbride so others can see the best bits! I like to try and make the ordinary look extraordinary (if I can)!

I still believe photos should be put up on a wall and made into a book instead of being left to rot on a memory card. They are memories waiting to be remembered and wee glimpses of the past, they are more precious than digital files hidden away.... "